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Dieruff High School Yearbook Sponsorship Program

Objective: The goal of the sponsorship program is to curate the donation of yearbooks for graduating seniors, at no cost to the students.

In recent years production costs for yearbooks have increased and our high school has kept the cost at a flat $60 to students.  Despite these efforts, obtaining a yearbook has continued to be a challenge for many seniors, who are also tasked with cap & gown fees, senior class dues, prom costs and other related "senior year" expenses.

Mr. Luke Boyd is the yearbook adviser since 2021. Last year's yearbook sponsorship program netted a total of 52 yearbooks donated to deserving seniors; majority sponsored by Dieruff alumni.

How are seniors selected to receive a yearbook? At the present time, as donations come in some donors can choose a certain "type" of student, which allows the program to select someone. Some donors have a specific student's name. In other cases donors just want to make sure a book gets into the hand of a graduating senior.

When a donor makes a general donation, considerations such as selections for:

  • students involved in sports, clubs, activities that have not yet purchased a yearbook.
  • students who have expressed an interest in buying a yearbook and turned in an order form, but have not yet been able to put a deposit down on the book.
  • in some cases, the guidance department helps the yearbook adviser to determine if a student's need of a yearbook, has expressed an interest, but shows a financial need.

How to Help:

Interested stakeholders can donate a 1/2 book $30.00 or a full book ($60.00).

Donors may choose to remain anonymous in their gift or to include a note/message to the recipient which may include the donor's name and if an alumnus, to include their class year.

Also, donors may choose to donated to a specific type of student ( i.e. football player, ROTC member, choir member, band member, or a student who attends LCTI).

Donations can be made in the following ways:

  1. Order directly on the alumni association website.  Click on the Yearbook Sponsorship form found on our homepage.
  2. A personal check made payable to "Dieruff Yearbook", dropped off or sent to the Dieruff Main Office, 815 N. Irving St. Allentown, PA  18109 with a note to direct it to Mr. Boyd, Yearbook Adviser.
  3. Electronic donations are available as well. Unfortunately credit card payments are not available. Venmo, Zelle payments are accepted. Please email or message Mr. Boyd if you choose to make this type of electronic payment FIRST so that he will be able to keep track of donors and payments. His email is boydl@allentownsd.org.

Thank you for your support.