DHS'65 - 70th Birthday Party

Two years ago was our biggee, 50 years since we left those hallowed halls,

And we gathered formally to celebrate it all. 

Mostly all retired enjoying family and doing our own thing

But we've always been told that's what retirement brings.

  The places we've seen with many more to go 

Let's gather again with 70 years of memories and put on a show.

Now as we still check off many things on our bucket list to do

A special 70th Birthday Party is being planned for each and everyone of you.

Very informal, a Friday nite of music and games

Just to enjoy each other's company - that is our aim.

We'll sit for a family meals with chicken and ham

Scallop potatoes, corn, and rolls...a meal, of so grand.

So place this date on your calendar and let's all meet again

For our 70th birthday bash to be celebrated with all our friends.

If you know of a classmate who doesn't have e-mail

Please pass this along as we want everyone to know without fail.


Friday - September 29, 2017

6-10:00 PM

Northampton Events Center

formerly Northampton Community Center

1601 Laubach Avenue 

Northampton, PA  18067   ph-610-261-1113

Cost:  $30.00/person includes beer, wine & soda

Dead line:  Sept 1st, 2017 - Capacity 120 people

Check or money order, no cash


RSVP -  check written to:

Richardynne Walter 

522 Cherryville Road  Northampton, PA  18067



Joan Giandomenico

5265 Beaumont Lane  Macungie, PA  18062